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On The Road To Remaking Our World In


San Francisco, Bombay, Evanston,


Berkeley, Bangalore, Grand Rapids--


God's Own City By The River > > >

Meet Tricia, Brenda, Amanda, Edathil, Joseph, Judi, Richa, Kathi, Quentine . . . As They Remake The World


>>> Pause For Peace And Justice In Grand Rapids, Michigan,


 God's City By The Grand River, In America's Heartland,


For Glimpses Of >>>



The Second Decade of



Richa's Witness

“Being homeless . . . helps keep me
closely in touch with needs due to
continuing injustice that is perpetrated
or tolerated by government at all levels.”



Career Visions #14


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And For Glimpses Of How >>>



Judith Anne Buchman:


Lives Her Faith


As A Peacemaker





Judi Buchman with Grand Niece Eleanor Moses



    Career Visions #14


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> > > On To San Francisco, The Most


Beautiful City In The World, To Meet>>>


Tricia Holloway, Who
Treats Everyone As An Individual,

Is One Of The Best Of Co-Workers,

And Is A Great Master App Rapper

Career Visions #13

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> > > On To The Other Side Of The Planet To


India's Cybercity, Bangalore,  For The Story Of How > > >


A 10,000-Mile Walk For Peace Begins

Edathil Prabhakar Menon’s

Long March To Promote Non-Violent

Development For Justice And Equality

Career Visions #12


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> > > On To Oakland To Meet A Social Worker/Facilitator >>>


 Who helps because

She has been helped:

Brenda L. Coleman




Who speaks straight from the heart

So that Good will triumph over Evil


Career Visions #11


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> > > And To Meet A Career Coach


Who Wants Us To Take Advantage Of


"This Amazing Time We  Live In"> > >



Amanda Gerrie’s Vision for

Following Your Bliss

Career Visions #10


"My vision is one that allows people
to take advantage of this amazing time we live in."



> > > And To Meet Bangalore's >>>

Joseph Kaval, 67,
104762-223625-thumbnail.jpg  A Writer and Publisher,
  Who Shares His Vision
Of What Are the Essentials
Required for Living

And His Dream of Equality for All,


Who Says, He's  Only a


Gooseberry in God's Palm


> > > Into An American Heartland To Uplift Your Spirit


In Grand Rapids, Michigan > > >


Trash Pickers'

Non-Violent Action

In God's Own City Creates

Snowball Effect, Resulting In

Thousands Receiving Food


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> > > On To California's Silicon Valley To Meet


A Daughter Of Nagpur, India, Who


Graduated From Northwestern U. > > >

Moved By Her Immigrant Students’ Struggle
Quentine Acharya
To Learn English,

Quentine Acharya,

Who Fell In Love With America

As A 23-Year-Old Visitor, Asks:

Why Can’t We Cut Them Some Slack?


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> > > On To Mahabalipuram, Oakland, Calcutta, Monterey, Kerala--God's Own Country, And Back To A Gritty Tenderloin In World's Most Beautiful City . . . > > >

Welcome to US-India Writing Station with its glimpses of a journey from the battle lines of the intellect to the  heart's warm embrace, linking a mindscape that includes fabled and far-flung places that will forever flit in and out of my heart--San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Evanston, Bombay, Kerala, Oakland, Berkeley, Monterey, Bangalore, Calcutta . . .


Can't write anything. My Name is Michael Chacko DanielsFun pushing.

I always balk at the idea of registering, no matter where the location--on the street, indoors, or on the web. So, I have designed this site with no registration requirements. If you are visiting using Internet Explorer, I have found older versions of it to be less than compatible with the site's design and architecture. If you have a PC, you'd get a better view of these pages with Mozilla Firefox, and if you are blessed to have an Apple, you'd do very well with Safari.


Feel free to visit, read, join any discussion opportunities on topics as varied as post-tsunami development, homelessness in the U. S., fiction, poetry, faith and society, survival and improvement on a small planet, treatment of animals, leaving the leand better than we found it . . .


Harassment.The past offers pointers. A lot of work.


I will be bringing you pages from my A Popular History of Grand Rapids, which I started over three decades ago in Michigan through the pages of New River Free Press, to which I have added pages from a more personal history of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Anti-social.Your comments are always welcome.Can't write anything. 


Two rules will apply to facilitate continued discourse: civility and brevity. [Please click on the comments button on the bottom of the pages designed for discussion topics.]



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> > > From Mind's Torment To Heart's Embrace > > >

Reflections on Community Service in the Modern Era 

How does a person who grew up in Bombay, India, studied economics at the University of Bombay and journalism at Northwestern University come to serve homeless, jobless persons in Oakland and Berkeley?

Read about the "Call to Serve," click here. 


  ___________   *   ____________


America's Frontline People

How I came to describe homeless

persons as America's Frontline People:

"How can I bring it home to them?" I wondered, sitting in the corridor, waiting for my turn to address a session of on disability rights at Boalt Law School, University of California, Berkeley, in the mid-1990s. 

I started scribbling furiously . . .

They have fought our wars


And kept our fragile peace . . . 


Read more, click here. 

  ___________   *   ____________


Career Visions of

People Remaking Our Small Planet: Issue #4 

Educator Peter Lee Kline, one-time slow learner, who broadened our knowledge of how to speed up learning, says at 69, he'll live to enjoy and contribute to the greatest renaissance in human history.  

Kline was an oppressed “slow learner” in school and college.  “I had come to believe,” he writes in his 1988 book, The Everyday Genius, “that a certain level of pain and distress was necessary in order to make learning happen.” Frustrated with how innate human abilities were ignored, he set out with phenomenal drive and energy to discover, integrate, and spread existing knowledge of how people learn best and how to learn faster. Fortunately, for other slow learners, including me, Kline was successful in his search. But more importantly, he went on to popularize his findings in several lucid, easy-to-understand books that were brimming with the knowledge of how to learn or teach anything rapidly, all of it infused with that old democratic goal of liberating everyone everywhere. --By Michael Chacko Daniels, Executive Director, Jobs for Homeless Consortium, 1995-2004




And the following

Popular History Pages


____________ * ____________


A Grand Rapids Popular History


Pages from New River Free Press, 1973 to 1977


Your Friendly Guide to Urban Survival & Improvement:




Signed, Limited Editions

An avid reader's comment about

Michael Chacko Daniels'

handcrafted books:

"The books are beautiful,

they look like little treasures."

--Brenda Coleman

Each copy is

a work of art in itself.

Click here to read more about
 Michael Chacko Daniels' books.

Click here to view a digital version of

Anything Out of Place Is Dirt
on Google Book Search 

Click here to view a digital version of

Split in Two
on Google Book Search


 ____________   *   ____________


Read  About Faith & Society in

New River Free Press, March 1976:

M. Howard Rienstra's article


 ____________   *   ____________


Faith & Society

Father Edward F. Monroe on

Role of Christian, Priest, & Church

I sit in his [Father Edward F. Monroe's] office in St. Alphonsus rectory, interviewing him. I am here because I have heard northenders (in Grand Rapids, Michigan) say he has a people-centered church. Listening to him, I feel imbued with his desire to be gentle--a gentle reflector of himself and others. He is 41; for 15 of those years, he has been  a Redemptorist priest. It is the goal of the Redemptorist order to work for the most abandoned, to seek out the people neglected by society, and neglected perhaps by the other outlets of the Catholic Church.--Michael Chacko Daniels

Read more: Click here for the

Father Edward F. Monroe interview.

New River Free Press, March 1976/Reprint



Faith & Society

Praying in Polish by Teresa Podgorski

As I sing in church, with my heart, I remember, and I sing as if there won't be a next time, and I don't want to stop.

. . . As I participate in the Polish mass, I try to hang on to a tradition, and yet I feel at the point of being puffed away like a dandelion.

Read more: Click here for Ms Podgorski's article. 


Who's the Zoo by David Banta

A brilliant, young Grand Rapids writer visits the John Ball Park Zoo on a Sunday in 1975 and his illusions about zoos are shattered. He leaves, asking: "Who's the Zoo?"

 Read more: Click here for David Banta

On cruelty to animals in Grand Rapids in 1975 



 ____________   *   ____________


In Search of India's Glory

"The free and contentious Indian publications of today owe much not only to their courageous editors and reporters, but also to their enterprising men and women who built their advertising revenues and set them on commercially viable tracks.

"India's glory is that it produces followers of different faiths--individuals like A. C. Daniels--and allows them to flourish and mentor others."

Click here and join me on a journey down an

Indian Memory Lane to discover India's glory.


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Please visit my link page by clicking here. Before you check it out, be aware that when you link to another website, you are subject to the privacy policy of that new site. 

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Flash Fiction

You'll find one of my flash fiction pieces, Sing an Indian Name, on the following free online site of Denver Syntax:



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Featured Poem From

Michael Chacko Daniels'

Split in Two

. . . But when my beloved comes for me with bells

Fireflies in her brown eyes . . .

Split in Two page: Love Poem: 


 ____________   *   ____________


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