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Welcome to US-India Writing Station with its glimpses of a journey from the battle lines of the intellect to the  heart's warm embrace, linking a mindscape that includes fabled and far-flung places that will forever flit in and out of my heart--San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Evanston, Bombay, Kerala, Oakland, Berkeley, Monterey, Bangalore, Calcutta . . .


Can't write anything. My Name is Michael Chacko DanielsFun pushing.

I always balk at the idea of registering, no matter where the location--on the street, indoors, or on the web. So, I have designed this site with no registration requirements. If you are visiting using Internet Explorer, I have found older versions of it to be less than compatible with the site's design and architecture. If you have a PC, you'd get a better view of these pages with Mozilla Firefox, and if you are blessed to have an Apple, you'd do very well with Safari.


Feel free to visit, read, join any discussion opportunities on topics as varied as post-tsunami development, homelessness in the U. S., fiction, poetry, faith and society, survival and improvement on a small planet, treatment of animals, leaving the leand better than we found it . . .


Harassment.The past offers pointers. A lot of work.


I will be bringing you pages from my A Popular History of Grand Rapids, which I started over three decades ago in Michigan through the pages of New River Free Press, to which I have added pages from a more personal history of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Anti-social.Your comments are always welcome.Can't write anything. 


Two rules will apply to facilitate continued discourse: civility and brevity. [Please click on the comments button on the bottom of the pages designed for discussion topics.]



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