Main | > > > On To Mahabalipuram, Oakland, Calcutta, Monterey, Kerala--God's Own Country, And Back To A Gritty Tenderloin In World's Most Beautiful City . . . > > > »

Meet Tricia, Brenda, Amanda, Edathil, Joseph, Judi, Richa, Kathi, Quentine . . . As They Remake The World


>>> Pause For Peace And Justice In Grand Rapids, Michigan,


 God's City By The Grand River, In America's Heartland,


For Glimpses Of >>>



The Second Decade of



Richa's Witness

“Being homeless . . . helps keep me
closely in touch with needs due to
continuing injustice that is perpetrated
or tolerated by government at all levels.”



Career Visions #14


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And For Glimpses Of How >>>



Judith Anne Buchman:


Lives Her Faith


As A Peacemaker





Judi Buchman with Grand Niece Eleanor Moses



    Career Visions #14


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> > > On To San Francisco, The Most


Beautiful City In The World, To Meet>>>


Tricia Holloway, Who
Treats Everyone As An Individual,

Is One Of The Best Of Co-Workers,

And Is A Great Master App Rapper

Career Visions #13

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> > > On To The Other Side Of The Planet To


India's Cybercity, Bangalore,  For The Story Of How > > >


A 10,000-Mile Walk For Peace Begins

Edathil Prabhakar Menon’s

Long March To Promote Non-Violent

Development For Justice And Equality

Career Visions #12


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> > > On To Oakland To Meet A Social Worker/Facilitator >>>


 Who helps because

She has been helped:

Brenda L. Coleman




Who speaks straight from the heart

So that Good will triumph over Evil


Career Visions #11


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> > > And To Meet A Career Coach


Who Wants Us To Take Advantage Of


"This Amazing Time We  Live In"> > >



Amanda Gerrie’s Vision for

Following Your Bliss

Career Visions #10


"My vision is one that allows people
to take advantage of this amazing time we live in."



> > > And To Meet Bangalore's >>>

Joseph Kaval, 67,
104762-223625-thumbnail.jpg  A Writer and Publisher,
  Who Shares His Vision
Of What Are the Essentials
Required for Living

And His Dream of Equality for All,


Who Says, He's  Only a


Gooseberry in God's Palm


> > > Into An American Heartland To Uplift Your Spirit


In Grand Rapids, Michigan > > >


Trash Pickers'

Non-Violent Action

In God's Own City Creates

Snowball Effect, Resulting In

Thousands Receiving Food


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> > > On To California's Silicon Valley To Meet


A Daughter Of Nagpur, India, Who


Graduated From Northwestern U. > > >

Moved By Her Immigrant Students’ Struggle
Quentine Acharya
To Learn English,

Quentine Acharya,

Who Fell In Love With America

As A 23-Year-Old Visitor, Asks:

Why Can’t We Cut Them Some Slack?


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